Gabriel Holley

Marketing Engineer
I’m a Full Stack Developer, Designer, Photographer, and Marketer in Denver, Colorado

I’m very passionate about connecting people to information and ideas. I’m uniquely qualified to understand and execute on projects in a wide range of tasks, from strategy to implementation.

Through my career, I’ve been “the guy” that can spark new ideas and get things done. I spent a lot of time learning the ins-and-outs of my trades, and I’m able to jump from one thing to the next and connect them together to make it all work.

My belief is that when the when all the elements of an idea come togethether, it creates a deep and powerful connection with the audience. It’s through these connections that move business forward and make customers satisfied.

When I’m not working, I spend my time with my wife and newborn daughter, and family and friends. My inspirational heros are Leonardo da Vinci and Marilyn Manson, both of whom draw on a large set of skills and knowledge to produce complex works of art. I prefer temperatures between 60-80 degrees (Fahrenheit), night time, simple food, and movies over TV shows.

I’d love to connect with you and see if we can work together to connect your business to more people. Feel free to contact me and get the ball rolling!

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2017 – 2019 | Native Rank

Head Of Engineering & Design

In this position, I was mainly responsible for our in-house reporting system that connected our clients to real-time data on how our marketing efforts were working for them. This system interfaces with dozens of different API’s to pull this information into user-friendly charts for both laymen and data gurus.
2015 – 2017 | Native Rank

Lead Web Developer & Designer

Joining Native Rank in a newly founded department for website development, I was quickly promoted to supervise the department. During this time, I laid the foundation for our development stack and processes, which we were able to launch upwards of 20+ websites a month with a team of 4.
2012 – 2015 | Everything Mobile

Full Stack Developer

In this position, I developed a compehensive mobile platform for businesses that allowed them to text their customers. This included loyalty check-in kiosks, contact lists, text message broadcasting, auto-responders, a responsive landing page generator, and a number of other features.
2005 – Current | Own Projects

Freelance Everything Guy

I’ve had a number of personal passion projects and one-off freelance gigs, ranging from photography, graphic & print design, logo design, dating website services, plugin / extension stores for WordPress and Joomla, and a host of others.
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